tendernova.pngThe Multi-purpose Floor
For use in farrowing, nursery and finishing. TenderNova™ provides the same non-slip characteristics of Tenderfoot® expanded metal, plus the excellent cleanability of woven wire. The .192” diameter wire is equivalent to 5 gauge, ideal for modular systems.


Swine & Otherlogo-tenderfootns.png

tenderfootns.pngFor Small Animals Up To 100 Lbs.
Tenderfoot®/NS™ (Nursery) is specifically designed for use in standard nurseries and will accommodate pigs up to 100 lbs. Tenderfoot®/NS is also used for many other small animal applications, such as zoos, dog kennels, etc.

A Softer, Warmer, Bedding-Type Environment
When installed in the outer edges or creep area of a farrowing crate, Tenderfoot®/NS™ will greet your newborn piglets with a soft, warm, bedding-type environment. Those painful and costly bruises, abrasions and other discomforting problems are greatly reduced! Tenderfoot®/NS™ 9 gauge expanded metal has hole openings that measure 7/16” x ¾”.



standard_tenderfoot.pngThe original coated floor
Ideal for use under the sow. Plastisol coating on 9 gauge expanded metal produces a “strong-but-soft” long-lasting floor. Diamond-shaped hole openings measure ½” x 1” to provide good traction for the sow and excellent self-cleaning characteristics.



bigfoot.pngFinishing, gestation, general heavy duty
A heavy-duty version of Standard Tenderfoot® with a foundation of 6 gauge expanded metal. Allows you to provide Tenderfoot’s sanitation and comfort to your herd from start to finish. Hole size of ¾” x 1 ½” provides a substantial opening for waste removal.


Tenderfoot® Animal Friendly Flooring is custom custom made to size and can be purchased in sheets without supports or we can build the supports & framework for your application.

10-Year Limited Warranty.

We are so sure of Tenderfoot’s performance that we warrant it for 10 years. To obtain warranty details contact your distributor or Tandem direct.