Clean Comfort for Them…Easy Care for You.

Dry, clean and comfortable animals are but part of the advantage you’ll enjoy with new Dek-Cellent™ flooring. The rounded openings have no dirt-trapping corners and promote self-cleaning. If any residue remains, the smooth plastisol surface can be quickly cleaned with a hose.

Your Dek-Cellent™ floor will not absorb moisture or odors, and is formulated with an agent to resist bacterial and fungal growth. The open design allows effective air circulation so that any residual moisture evaporates quickly. Its superior sanitation qualities are an important consideration for veterinarians, kennels and breeders; and especially for laboratories where a controlled environment is essential.

The firm, yet resilient surface acts as an insulator, absorbs shock and noise, and provides a comfortable, friendly surface for both walking and rest. The openings give excellent traction and reduce the dangers of leg injuries by slippage or entrapment.

See what a healthier, less stressful environment can do for your animals-and what easier maintenance can do for you.

10-Year Limited Warranty.

We are so sure of Tenderfoot’s performance that we warrant it for 10 years. To obtain warranty details contact your distributor or Tandem direct.