calf_mesh.pngA foot-friendly floor
Stress and injuries are reduced by providing a sure-footed, quiet, shock-absorbing surface. Plastisol-coated .314” diameter woven wire has 7/8” x 2 3/16” rectangular openings. A better, more profitable way to bring veal calves to market, or get your replacement heifers off to a good start.

Also available in Self-Span™



bigfoot2.pngFinishing, gestation, general heavy duty
A heavy-duty version of Standard Tenderfoot® with a foundation of 6 gauge expanded metal. Allows you to provide Tenderfoot’s sanitation and comfort to your herd from start to finish. Hole size of ¾” x 1 ½” provides a substantial opening for waste removal.

Also available in Self-Span™



boarfoot.pngA heavy-duty version of the Bigfoot™
Flattened expanded metal. Hole size of 1” x 4”. Limited size availablility with a 4’ wide maximum.


The Calf flooring is all custom made to size. There are no sizes stocked in any of the available mesh options and all are available supported or unsupported.

10-Year Limited Warranty.

We are so sure of Tenderfoot’s performance that we warrant it for 10 years. To obtain warranty details contact your distributor or Tandem direct.