About Us

Tandem Products manufactures "Animal-Friendly" plastisol coated steel mesh flooring under the trademark, Tenderfoot®. We produce flooring for animals up to 550 lbs in primarily the calf, swine and pet & research markets. In the calf industry we manufacture flooring for both veal calves and replacement heifers for the dairy industry. In the swine industry we manufacture a variety of flooring options for nursery through farrowing. We also produce a variety of flooring options for caging/kennels for the pet & research industry under the Dek-Cellent trademark.

The flooring has been proven to reduce labor costs & death loss while providing a clean dry environment for the animals. The plastisol coating is resistant to fungi & bacteria.

We manufacture a full line of animal flooring products that are distributed worldwide.

10-Year Limited Warranty.

We are so sure of Tenderfoot’s performance that we warrant it for 10 years. To obtain warranty details contact your distributor or Tandem direct.